We’re giving police officers Tasers to combat assault

Senseless violence has blighted our streets for far too long.Over recent weeks, we have seen police officers attacked while simply doing their jobs. And tragically, one police officer was killed in the line of duty.

6 things to know about our huge hospital building programme

We want to make sure that the NHS is delivering for patients across England. So at the beginning of Conservative Party Conference, Health Secretary Matt Hancock has launched the biggest hospital building programme in a generation to provide the vital care people need.

A Message from Council Leader Heather Scott

Welcome to the new invigorated Darlington Council .


You voted for a change on the 2nd May and you will see evidence on your roads and streets and in your communities in the next few months. We listened and we will respond.

Out and about in Bates Avenue and Bowen Road

Tonight we have been out with our candidate Jack Sowerby canvassing Bates Avenue and Bowen Road.

We have been hearing a lot of positive messages and sadly a lot of frustration with the direction the town has taken. If we missed you and you’d like to chat let us know and we’ll pop back.

Canvassing in Haughton and Springfield

Great responses to us and our positive message on the doorsteps this evening.

Many people again saying they are fed up with their Labour Councillors here in Haughton and Springfield.