Unitary Councillors

Cllr Jon Clarke

I am local resident living in the Ridgeway area and have done so for a number of years. I am now semi-retired and feel I have the energy and time needed to contribute to making our council and area a better place for everyone.

Cllr Deborah Laing

Deborah moved to Middleton St George in 1991 and has a passion for village life.

Cllr Bob Donoghue

Bob was first elected to represent Park West Ward as ward councillor in May 2011.
Since then, he has spoken to many of you and has helped many residents with ongoing issues such as grass verges, parking and speeding to name just a few.

Cllr Brian Jones

Brian was first elected to the Sadberge and Whessoe ward at Darlington Borough Council in 2003. Then, following boundary changes in 2015, he was elected to the Sadberge & Middleton St George ward.

Cllr Pauline Culley

Since May 2014, when Pauline was first elected as the Ward Councillor in Mowden, she has intervened on many matters that are important to residents such as planning, speeding, dog mess and antisocial behaviour, as well as serving on three Scrutiny Committees - Adults & Housing, Place, and Chi

Cllr Jonathan Dulston

I believe passionately about our area and love getting involved in making it a better place. If elected, I pledge to champion Eastbourne and fight for the reintroduction of much needed services.

Cllr Lorraine Tostevin

I have represented the residents of Hurworth and Neasham since 2015 and supported local residents in numerous matters including planning, land ownership, public enquiries and highways.

Cllr Mike Renton

I live in the Stephenson Ward with my wife and two children, soon to be three.

Cllr Ian Bell

I have lived in the Harrowgate Hill and North Road area of Darlington all my life and have seen the decline here, as a result of local funding cuts to much-needed services.

Cllr Alan Marshall

Since November 2017, when Alan was first elected in Mowden Ward, he has challenged the Council on your behalf where services fall below the expected standard.